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I am a domestic violence and suicide survivor. The pain in my past is what propels me forward and gives me the energy to work hard towards the goals of PABNEEG. For the past several years, I have been working with some amazing nonprofit organizations as a Board Member (Colorado Dragon Boat, Asian Chamber Foundation, National Lao-Hmong Memorial Foundation, Asian Corporate and Entrepreneur Leaders) and have learned a lot from them!

Building a firm foundation for our local Hmong & BIPOC community has always been a passion of mine. Our future generations rely on the effort we undertake now to ensure a healthy Hmong & BIPOC community in Colorado. I won't be able to complete this task on my own. PABNEEG is excited to contribute to the creation of a robust network and community founded on trust and compassion.

Diversity is our strength! 


Yangmee Lor
Executive Director

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Pheng Xiong is an educator, entrepreneur, and passionate advocate for educational and economic equality. He understands the connection between trusted relationships between students and adults and academic success.

He founded Asian Unity, a youth-based decentralized organization that helped those living in extreme poverty in Southeast Asia receive the proper resources they need from their government. Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, in 2020, Asian Unity shifted to become an AANHPI & Hmong social & racial justice movement with a mission to end hate crimes against the AAPI & Hmong communities in the United States. In his work with Asian Unity, he sees the impact that strong relationships have on the lives of youth.


As PABNEEG's Co-Founder, I am determine to build a community of caring adults who can end the opportunity gap that disproportionately harms Hmong, Black, Brown, and Indigenous people.  

 Pheng Xiong