About Us

People's advisory board for new educational & economic goodwill


PABNEEG is a Hmong-founded 501(c)(3) organization that works with low-to-no-income ethnic communities, with a focus on the local Colorado Hmong, AAPI, and BIPOC communities. 

Our goal is to provide educational and economic development to our local community to bring social, cultural, educational, and economic change and use those experiences to establish meaningful and sustainable development for Hmong and other marginalized people in the community.

The organization provides services for domestic violence victims, hate victims, youth, and immigrants. While going through these programs, clients and students can access the eLearning courses to gain the skills they need for jobs that offer a living wage, benefits, and opportunities for advancement.

our vision

Pab Neeg means helping people in the Hmong language. Our vision is to have victims, survivors, and those in poverty achieve liberty and dignity.

our Mission

Our mission is to build a vibrant Hmong & BIPOC community by addressing the root causes of domestic violence, poverty, racism, and discrimination and providing educational and economic support to our community. Individuals who are most affected by these challenges need to have the voice, power, resources, and options to make significant social changes in our community.

PABNEEG's international mission is to help Hmong and marginalized people in their search for life in liberty and dignity by empowering and organizing communities in their progress towards self-sufficiency.